Post Party Depression

From the DSMB:
In social gatherings I am often mistaken for an extrovert. The truth is when I’m being that friendly and engaging, my brain is running on overdrive. I’m constantly working the room in my head, planning my next line of conversation, and evaluating how my last joke was received. It’s utterly exhausting. Usually by the end of the night I’m no longer able to keep up the performance, and the mumblings and missteps start to pile up until I’m convinced I’ve blown my cover. “Post Party Depression” is the time I spend afterwards trying to figure out what I did wrong, and what the damage will be.

Until recently, I’ve tried to keep this condition secret. I don’t think it makes me more likable to reveal that I obsess about appearing likable. But after confessing to a few friends, it turns out lots of people do the same thing. As with any disorder, it’s nice to know you aren’t alone. PPD-Sufferers unite!


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