I have the worst luck with apartments

I came home today to the sound of water spraying from a pipe, and the smell of damp drywall. I recognized the smell immediately, since my last apartment suffered from it too (I left that one when the mould moved in). At least the landlords are responding a little quicker this time. Unfortunately they can’t fix it without turning off service to the building, so I’ll have to spend the night in the dank 😦


2 Responses to “I have the worst luck with apartments”

  1. ryan Says:

    A little home trouble and a little work glory. Not bad. But man, I hope they got to mold in the wall. That sounds horrible.

  2. simplesimons Says:

    There’s no mould in this apartment, thankfully, but it does still smell like crap in the washroom where the drywall was damaged. Until they fix it, I’ve installed an air freshener, shut the door and left the exhaust fan running.

    Unfortunately the work glory was short lived. On Monday morning my boss came into my office and declared “We’ve come up with a new idea, come visit us in (coworker x’s) office”. I was a bit shocked since I thought we had finally settled on something on Wednesday. I asked if I should bring the drawings I made of the spring-and-ball thingy, but he said “no, we’re doing something different”. What a way to start the day! I brought the drawings anyway, and it’s a good thing I did, because I had already thought of their new idea, and discarded it as unworkable. After explaining why, I busted out my fancy 3D renderings of Wednesday’s “old” new idea, to which coworker x said “That’s great! Let’s go with that”.

    OK, so I didn’t lose too much time, but I’m worried my boss will see this as a defeat and be extra distrustful of me in the future. That sounds overly paranoid, but I can’t read this guy at all, and I’m at a loss to explain why I always meet with friction from him. I am completely inept where office politics issues collide with engineering design.

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