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Here’s Smudge!

April 28, 2007

Yesterday I recieved two new cats from a friend of Grace’s. Here’s Smudge (Sorry for the poor quality photo, it was taken with the laptop’s built in camera. Peter still has my digicam). Smudge has such a great personality. All day he’s been following Grace and I around wagging his tail like a puppy dog, pausing only to “bark” (kind of a grunt actually) at the pigeons. The second cat, Hanna, has barely left the bedroom closet since she arrived, so I don’t have a photo. My allergies have reappeared, but they aren’t severe, and I hope they’ll go away as I get acclimatized. My apartment has changed overnight from austere cheap-bachelor’s pad to toy-strewn cat paradise. I’m comfortable with that. I know my position.


What shall I do, then, with the ones you call pigeon eggs?

April 28, 2007

I noticed today that my balcony pigeons, who’ve won ownership of their home through their unrepentant pooping, have built a nest in the corner and have laid two eggs. I worry about the mess and the parasites the chicks might bring. Still I can’t bring myself to destroy the nest. I’ve got to decide fast – the gestation period is only 18 days (and the eggs may have been here for that long). Votes?