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Giant overdue update

August 4, 2008

OK, first of all I apologize. I let a case of writers block last year grow into a complete blog dryup. I actually ran into a conflict I couldn’t resolve. Having dated the Post-Doc for almost a year, my ideas started to revolve around our relationship. But since she (and her friends) checked this blog regularly, I didn’t feel free to explore those thoughts here.

Anyway, long story short, Grace and I broke up a few months back. That was really tough, because she was one of the most compassionate women I’ve ever known. But I’m just too skittish to get into anything long-term that doesn’t feel exactly right. Once bitten, twice shy. On the bright side, we’ve managed to stay good friends so far, which is a testament to her good nature.

Smudge and Hanna went back to their owner after she moved back from the farm. I was sad to see them go, but my longs and eyes are thankful to have a cat-free apartment. Speaking of lungs, I’ve apparantly contracted asthma while living in Hamilton. Following a long tradition of stupid people, I’m trading my health for my career.

Hamilton is nice though. I’m still playing ultimate, and going out on the town. I’ve got a fairly cool posse of friends here, most of whom are game to support my vietnamese food addiction. They’ve finally convinced me to join the book of faces, so look me up there if you want more informal updates and inexplicably expensive animated gifs.

Me descending into the jungle.  Not metaphorically.Work is work. It’s still exciting and challenging, but I always get too invested in it. I managed to escape this month on a vacation to Costa Rica. You can find photos here: Costa Rica 2008. There’s nothing like immersing yourself into the rainforest to make the unending particulars of work seem less important. Tomorrow I return to work, (apparantly right to the middle of a shit pool that my project has become in my absence) and I am going to try hard to keep the peacefulness of the trip with me for a few more weeks (days?, hours?)

I still believe that this blog is an important part of my self development, and I’ll make an effort to restart the flow of thought droppings. I’ll be planning to start going to the gym, trying to rise a few rungs at work, and continuing to navigate the dating sea, so there should be plenty of material to draw from.

Until then, Salud!