Silenced by Girls

Right, so I haven’t dropped any thoughts recently. That’s mostly because my thoughts of late have concerned social relationships, and I’ve learned not to share those details with a global audience 🙂 Fear not! I have lots of opinions in other matters, including:

  • why don’t people support bike lanes, and how do I keep from biting their heads off
  • in the same vein, how Hamilton acts like a person with depression: we can’t imagine a better future because any change might make things worse.
  • whether the sale of AECL is a loss of national capacity, or a prudent business decision or both
  • some engineering toys I’m working on including mechanical computers and bicycle gearing. These are the limited means I have to contribute back to the world which is really awesome for me right now.
  • A new truce between evening me and morning me?
  • How Tort law seems like the medieval, pound-of-flesh taking cousin to cousin of common-law.
  • Absolutely nothing about Iran, since I have nothing salient to offer, but I am reading about it closely
  • A love song to surfing, which I recently learned how to do

Unfortunately I have dishes to do, so I will cop-out by linking in some various bits of awesomeness which made me love the world a bit more this weekend.

Obama’s role in the war between Nerds and Jocks, according to Hodgeman

Ze Franks awe inspiring efforts to breathe life into the web (and the wicked awesome results)

Ze Frank at Webstock 09 from Webstock on Vimeo.

Lastly, a great NPR piece on how hard it is to blame the near-collapse of the financial system on anyone, even though it seems like someone deserves to be blamed

Listen to the podcast here


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2 Responses to “Silenced by Girls”

  1. No more hiding Says:

    It’s not that people don’t support bike lanes, it’s that the MAJORITY of tax payers do NOT want to continue to PAY for one Ward, to continue to gentrify at the expense of all the others. Only 7.5% of the tax paying population in Hamilton live in Ward 2. YesWeCannon is a movement to put a bike lane in one ward that has already increased every persons taxes by $60/person with a $30 million “save the Lister Block” investment, just so a small amount of people can have their property values increase, and get the poor people to move away.

    Why should the majority be forced to pay for this?

    Why isn’t the movement for bike lanes, INCLUSIVE to all wards and touch most wards like Barton street, would? Because of greed. and we all see that, and we don’t like it.

  2. simplesimons Says:

    OK, that’s a lot of anger on an ancient post. Let me unpack:

    First of all, Ward 2 is one of the most depressed areas in the city, and yet the most central. It deserves a lot more investment (Barton too!). Hamilton should aspire to be more than a bedroom community for the GTA. We have a real history and a real center, which is growing as people move in looking for just those things. Bike lanes on an under-used through street through almost the entire length of the lower city is a no-brainer way to reverse some of the damage done to our downtown by suburb-friendly road expansions of the past.

    Second, the council resolution directs that the lane be funded with Area Rating reserves which is a weird and complicated thing, but it means mostly from tax payers in the wards served by the new lane.

    Third, there is a plan to put bike lanes everywhere. It’s called the Hamilton cycling master plan or “Shifting Gears”, as approved several years ago. Unfortunately the approval came with no dedicated funding, and a councillor veto – so don’t expect the network to grow faster than decades, and don’t expect ANY new bike lanes in Stoney Creek where the current councillor opposes them.

    Fourth, our property tax rates have not increased by much more than inflation for the last few years. At the same time we have spent a LOT of money on things like the RHVP and the central compost facility (and a little money on the Lister Block and almost none on bike lanes). You aren’t very clear about where you stand here. On the one hand you’re complaining about high taxes, and on the other you’re complaining about under-investment on Barton St. Which is it?

    I have no idea what you’re on about wrt greed. Feel free to clarify what it is you are actually advocating, and I’ll continue the healthy debate. Lets start here – do you live/work on Barton? Whereabouts?

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