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January 1, 2007

OK, I'm pretty happy to see 2006 go (but not as happy as the people on the balcony across the way.  That sounds like a party!).  So it's time for some resolutions:

1. Spend less time at work
The huge amount of overtime I put in over the last few months have helped the bank account, but haven't really helped me start a healthy new life. 

2. Find some new, fulfilling pursuits
I'm leaving this one vague, because I don't know yet what I will find fulfilling.  But some candidates include volunteering, meditation classes, theatre, Cadets, Writing open source software, photography…

3. Work out
I play Ultimate weekly, but I'm still getting fatter and slower.  I need to get into a regular exercise routine.  There's a gym in my building too, so there's no excuse.  With the weather being the way it has been, I could probably bike to work all winter too.

4. Cook
I've been eating out pretty much every day since I moved in to the new apartment.  To save some money, and develop those "life skills" I managed to avoid throughout undergrad, I think it's high time I start to cook for myself regularly. I could start with the cookbook Erin gave me for Christmas (thanks).  While I'm at it, I should do dishes more than once a week too.

5.  Sleep regularly
Ever since I was a child, I've had difficulty going to bed at night, and worse difficulty getting up in the morning.  For this reason, I'm often late to work, and it's been getting me into trouble (despite working more than enough overtime to cover it).  I think my circadian period is a few hours longer than most people's, but that excuse didn't convince the boss, so I'm going to have to adapt.  I should start by going to bed before midnight.  Actually, I should start by turning off the computer at night, instead of endlessly checking Metafilter for updates.

6. Blog more
The last time I started one of these, I posted for about three weeks then stopped.  I was so paranoid about appearing witty, entertaining and insightful that I lost all initiative.  This time I hope to sidestep the blockage by just dumping my thoughts, regardless of what anyone might think of them (though I do hope someone finds them interesting). 

I thought about putting "7. Start dating", but I don't want to make a goal out of it.  I'm ready to date again, but there's no need (yet) to pick up anyone because just to fill a void.  I do hope that I meet someone interesting this year though. Happy New Year All.