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I feel like an old man

February 18, 2007

This morning I finished seven games of Ultimate in HUC‘s third annual all-nighter tourney. We didn’t do so well, but I surprised myself by maintaining a reasonable standard of play. It turns out that most of the hot-shot young sprinters couldn’t keep running after 4am, so by the end I was playing just as well or better than some top-seed players. It’s nice to know all those all-nighters in undergrad paid off.

Also cool: walking home at 8am and feeling every muscle in my leg strain with effort. I can’t really describe the feeling, but the pain, the satisfaction of accomplished work, and the interesting little anatomy lesson made me feel pretty special.

Some Pics: (Not mine. My little digicam couldn’t hack it in the dim light)
ultimate allnighter 1
Ultimate Allnighter 3
Ultimate Allnighter 2