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February 15, 2007

Yesterday Hamilton got dumped on by about 2 feet of snow. These kinds of opportunities don’t come very often, so I called in to book the day off. Then Grace, Rachel, Kevin & I went sledding! I haven’t had that much fun in months (even though my well-engineered cardboard & garbage-bag sleds didn’t last very long). Afterwards we made up big bowls of hot-chocolate (with chilli-powder) and Grace & I went out for a spectacular Valentine’s dinner. All-in-all a pretty life-affirming day. I’ll have to remember it when I go into work on Sunday to make up the time 🙂


My Contribution to Science

February 6, 2007

While researching for the post below, I found the “paper” I wrote in 2001 calculating the forces on a Concrete Toboggan. What’s a concrete toboggan? Why it’s fun incarnate!