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Awesomeness waits for no man

February 21, 2007

I had some thoughts to explore, but I’ve been too, um, preoccupied lately to find time to post. So to buy myself some more time, I present you more awesomeness:

1. I spent a good chunk of Sunday evening writing software to implement a cool idea I had, namely, to show all the words between any two given words in a thesaurus. I wanted to use the tool to help understand semantic relationships between concepts, such as “Grace” and “Serenity”. Well after about three hours of programming, I chanced upon the Lexical Freenet, which does everything I wanted to do, and more. So I don’t get to be the next “Roget”, but I did find a cool tool. BTW Grace ← order → tranquility → serenity.

2. I never believed in the idea that Graffiti was a kind of tranformational urban artform, but the folks at Graffiti Research Labs make a pretty good case with their Giant Laser Spray Paint

3. Finally, to continue my electronic music obsession, check out How to Get Musical in the Kitchen. Impress your guests with this simple recipe.

4. Theo Jansen and his wind-powered kinetic sculptures “Strandbeest”. His work is the height of engineering art. I have a strong urge to build one and set it loose on the upwind side of the Sahara.


The Secret Life of Machines!

January 5, 2007

OMG, The Secret Life of Machines is now on YouTube!  This was one of my favourite shows in High School that no one else ever saw.  Now I can finally explain why I find the words "I go, goodbye!" and "Oh, nearly killed me! so funny.

Thanks again to BoingBoing for finding me the coolest corners of the internet.

The New Best Thing

January 3, 2007

Had a pretty shitty couple of days on account of I read something I really needn't have.  So to attone for my sulking sins, I present you with something truly awesome.  (via boingboing)